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Formation & Ministries

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Bereavement ‘The Emmaus Group’

Healing Ministry is the support to the Bereaved.
“If we live in the Lord, and if we die, we die in the Lord, so then whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s” Romans.

There is a monthly opportunity to be part of a Bereavement Support Group in the Parish and meetings take place in the lower new hall on the third Saturday of each month 3.30-4.30pm (except August). Once a year on All Souls a special service is held “Remembering with Love” offered to the whole parish and a Service takes place in which our loved ones are remembered.

If you would like to meet up with one of our trained listeners or would like more information about the Bereavement Ministry contact the Parish Office or any member of the Parish team. Our fellowship is confidential and covers all aspects of loss including separation. Our listening team is made up of Simon & Ellen English, Tom Gately & Martine Mercer. Please refer to the small booklet on the ‘Welcome Table’ at the rear of the church.

Help with addiction:
Alcoholics Anonymous: 0845 – 7697555
Calix in London:
Domestic Abuse: Freephone 24 Hour Helpline 0808 200024

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Church Cleaners

Come and join our merry team at their weekly work out of polishing, dusting, sweeping following the Tuesday morning. Mass Many hands make light work!
Please contact the parish office for details.

Church Flowers

Come and join our rewarding and creative team led by Anne Watson. We are a small team of ladies who arrange flowers at St Anselm’s; a friendly group always looking for new volunteers. You do not need to have been a florist or to have attended a floristry course as any help you need can be given. We work on a rota basis and if more of you volunteer you may find you only arrange flowers once every 2-3 months. During the liturgical year feast days such Christmas and Easter we all come together to help make the church look beautiful and special. For full details do get in touch with the parish office.

Guild of Blessed Sacrament (Ministers of Holy Communion)

The Guild was founded in 1539 by Pope Paul III. Its purpose was to promote devotions to the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The Eucharist is the source and summit of the Mass and of our Christian life. The fullness of its mystery should be seen not only in the celebration of the Holy Mass, but also in devotions to the sacred species which remain after Mass. Aims of the Guild: To promote public and private devotions to the Real and abiding presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. It seeks to make know the teachings and discipline of the church in matters pertaining to the mystery of the Eucharist. To enable churches to remain open for at least some hours during the day by establishing a rota of those who can keep Vigil before the Blessed Sacrament. The Guild helps to promote local Corpus Christi procession at parish level. The Guild aims to promote vocations to the priesthood. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are expected to attend Holy hour on the first Sunday of the month as they are supporters of the Guild. An invitation to be commissioned as an extraordinary minister of holy communion is extended by the Parish Priest.

Guild of St Stephen (Altar Servers)

Ever thought of deepening your faith?
Do you want to do something different to help the parish? Do you like working in a team? Well, may be becoming an altar server is the thing for you! We have a long tradition of encouraging people to help and serve on the altar, assisting the priests and other clergy of the parish at Mass and other liturgical celebrations. Becoming an altar server is a wonderful way to deepen your faith, involve yourself in the life of the parish and become part of the team. Those who serve are committed to helping people to pray and ensure that our liturgical celebrations are carried out efficiently, giving praise and honour to God. We welcome all people of all ages, but before you start serving you will be asked to complete a basic training course. Altar servers work with candles and other sometimes heavy and sharp objects and this means health and safety is a priority and so the training helps ensure you are happy and safe as you about your takes on the altar. Further training and experience on the altar conclude with the award of the bronze-colour Guild of St Stephen Medal. In charge of altar servers is our Master of Ceremonies, John Pontifex, who works closely with the parish priest, Canon William Hebborn and the parish administrator, Martine Mercer. Each altar server is allotted a regular Saturday evening or Sunday Mass at which they will serve. We do encourage our servers to serve every week. Christmas and Easter are our busy times as are occasions with the Archbishop, Bishop visit to preside at special celebrations during the year.

Help with Addiction

Alcoholics Anonymous: 0845 – 7697555
Calix in London:
Domestic Abuse: Freephone 24 Hour Helpline 0808 200024

Music & Choirs

Be a St Anselm’s soprano, an Anselm alto, a Tooting tenor of a Bass in the Bec!
St Augustine once said to sing was to pray twice” and so music is a very important part of the liturgical experience of the faithful here in St Anselm’s We are very fortunate in having a variety of musical participation to enhance the liturgy: Family Folk Masses twice a month at the 10am Family Mass (1st and 3rd Sunday). Cantor led singing at both 10am & 11.15am Masses. Formal choir made up of thirty to forty parishioners who come together for the main liturgical celebrations of the year: Christmas, Easter, and celebrations of the conferral of sacraments: Ordination to the Diaconate, First Holy Communions & Confirmations. In addition, the choir has supported the Diocesan Annual Catechetical Day at St George’s Cathedral as well as various other celebrations in the parish, including the Feast of St Anselm, International Mass. We are extremely fortunate to draw upon a team of regular organists, percussionist and musicians who support their parish in enhancing the liturgy. The celebration of music is an all inclusive and embracing experience for all its members with different levels of musical ability, but all involved in the spirit of unity, enlightenment, and fellowship. Music workshops are held several times during the year for an opportunity to introduce new music and songs. These songs range from the traditional to contemporary and to chant. You do not need to be able to read music or audition, but if you enjoy singing or playing an instrument and have lots of enthusiasm and would like to be part of this lively and vibrant ministry do come and join us. Our Virtual Choir led by Hannah and David Furey has been up and running since lockdown and continues to enhance many of our liturgies and special celebrations during COVID-19. We are always looking for more members to join our choir, so why not give us a try! If you are interested please contact: the parish office or for further information.

Readers ‘Proclaiming the Word of God’

We are extremely fortunate at St Anselm’s to have a large group of regular readers, some sixty parishioners reading on a rota basis through each month. Undertaking to read at Mass is both a responsible and rewarding service to the parish community. It is a privilege to be asked to proclaim the ‘Word of God’ at Mass to fellow parishioners. It can be a moving experience to read aloud those scriptures that touch us deeply or, for example, take part in the reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday. A reader is expected to have prepared the reading beforehand, with prayer, reflection, and practice, thereby understanding what is about to be read out loud to fellow parishioners. It is always important to read with both feeling and reverence, and to read very clearly and slowly with aid of the microphone, so that the ‘Word of God’ can be heard and understood. Before joining the team of readers at St Anselm’, you must undertake a training workshop. These workshops are held bi-annually to which all current and those interested in joining the team are expected to attend. Commissioning and Renewal of Commitment is held on the Second Sunday of Advent for all the readers. To attend a formation afternoon or if you are interested in becoming one of the team please contact the parish office.

Repository in the courtyard

The Parish Shop or Repository is a resting place for Christian items that are for sale. Our Parish Shop has been in existence in its present site since 2005 and before then was at the rear of the church for as long as anyone can remember. It forms on a Sunday morning a hub of activity in the courtyard and is a must stop destination for many items of piety and donated and pre-used goods. We also aim to celebrate the liturgical season in our window displays acknowledging the changing pattern of the liturgy and sacramental year. Easter and Christmas gifts are an important part of our stock from devotional crosses from Salvador to Christmas cribs to honour the coming of the Lord.

The sacramental seasons are celebrated, Baptism First Holy Communion gifts are on display and for sale, as well as traditional items such as statues, rosaries, scapulars, mass cards for all occasions and religious pictures for devotional use. During this time of COVID-19 restrictions the shop will remain open for a reduced timetable. Normally we carry a range of Traidcraft goods but due to restrictions we are not supporting this initiative at this time. It is manned by volunteers who are part of a rota system. It is a place where you can find that special gift or item and is open on Sunday 9.00 - 11.15am. Please pop in and be pleasantly surprised.


A team of parishioners make sure that the practicalities of the liturgy are always taken care of and the church is prepared for each Mass. Every Saturday morning, we ensure the sanctuary is cleaned and the altar prepared for the weekend Masses and week ahead. We ensure the priests have everything they need, including care of albs, vestments, tabernacle veils, checking stocks of candles, votive lights, altar wine and breads, the Paschal and Advent candles. We look after the altar servers’ cassocks and cottas. We believe the sacristy should be kept tidy and clean, as it is often the place where people first come to when in the church looking for a priest, so it is important that people are always made welcome. Everyone will receive a smile and an offer of help. If you would like to join the team of sacristans, please do get in touch with the parish office for further details.

Stewards & Ushers

We have a large number of ushers who assist over weekend Masses and at special liturgical celebrations through the year. They assist the parishioners in the church, arrange the offertory procession of gifts and collection as well as tidy up the church after the Mass during normal times. However, during COVID-19 extra stewards have been trained to welcome and guide parishioners in the church with all the new health and safety guidelines, especially as the congregation move forward to receive Holy Communion as we ensure social distancing is maintained as we all move about the church and as everyone leaves after Mass through the one-way system. The stewards are then responsible for the whole church being sanitised after every use to ensure we provide a safe and secure environment for all our parishioners and visitors. We are extremely grateful to everyone for their understanding and patience as we adapt to the new normal in the church at this time. If you would like to assist, please do get in contact with the parish office.

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