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A team of parishioners make sure that the practicalities of the liturgy are always taken care of and the church is prepared for each Mass. Every Saturday morning, we ensure the sanctuary is cleaned and the altar prepared for the weekend Masses and week ahead. We ensure the priests have everything they need, including care of albs, vestments, tabernacle veils, checking stocks of candles, votive lights, altar wine and breads, the Paschal and Advent candles. We look after the altar servers’ cassocks and cottas. We believe the sacristy should be kept tidy and clean, as it is often the place where people first come to when in the church looking for a priest, so it is important that people are always made welcome. Everyone will receive a smile and an offer of help. If you would like to join the team of sacristans, please do get in touch with the parish office for further details.

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