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Parish Income

As with all Catholic parishes, St Anselm’s Church is funded by the generosity of its parishioners.

Where does the money come from?

Mainly from parishioners.

How can I contribute to the church?

Parishioners give in the following ways:

  • Offertory

  • Gift Aid

  • Building Project

  • Occasional Donations

  • Fundraising Events

Offertory, how does it work?

Weekly Sunday collections to which you contribute cash, cheques or monthly Standing Orders.

What is Gift Aid?

It is a scheme that allows us as a charity to claim the tax you have already paid on your income.

How does Gift Aid work?

First you have to sign a Gift Aid Declaration Form that will enable us to claim the tax you have already paid on your donations from the Inland Revenue.


You must be a UK tax payer. For every £1.00 that you give to the church, we can claim 25 pence back from the Inland Revenue.


You can give cash/cheque in numbered envelopes or set up a Standing Order.


The numbered envelopes and Standing Order forms can be obtained from Paul Darbyshire via the Parish Office 020 8672 2179.

What is the Building Project?

We raise money to complete various repairs, refurbishments and improvements to the church or the parish halls. Previous projects have been:


Disabled access in the patio area by the shop

Rewiring of the church

Redecoration of the church

Redecoration of the Old Hall

New WCs in the New Hall


Our current project is replacing the

church roof.


If you are able to contribute to the very substantial cost, this could also be Gift Aided.


Just like the offertory gift, you can give by cash, cheque or standing order.

Fundraising events, How can I help?

You can always support by attending the concerts and other events organized by the parish that are publicised in the weekly Church bulletin.


If you would like to help with fundraising events please call the Parish Office.

Where does the money go?

Parish running costs

Building and maintenance.


Loan repayments.

Diocesan Levies.

(For more details please refer the Annual Finance report).

Diocesan Levies

These are annual parish contributions to our Diocese.


Support for the retired clergy.

Diocesan Development Fund

 – for administration of diocesan

agencies, especially the Schools

Commission and the Christian

Education Centre.


Safeguarding Services – to ensure the protection of children and vulnerable adults.

Other Missions and charities

In addition to the parish offertories parishioners contribute to a number of charities including,


Helping International Development.

Catholic Children’s Society

The money is used to improve the physical and emotional wellbeing of children, young people and disadvantaged families.

Catholic Education Service

It provides financial assistance for school transport in rural areas.


It supports the foreign Missions.

Thank you

We thank you for all the generous contributions and donations you have given to the church, it is must appreciated. We hope you continue to help us during this difficult financial period.

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark Charity Number: 1173050

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