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Readers ‘Proclaiming the Word of God’

We are extremely fortunate at St Anselm’s to have a large group of regular readers, some sixty parishioners reading on a rota basis through each month. Undertaking to read at Mass is both a responsible and rewarding service to the parish community. It is a privilege to be asked to proclaim the ‘Word of God’ at Mass to fellow parishioners. It can be a moving experience to read aloud those scriptures that touch us deeply or, for example, take part in the reading of the Passion on Palm Sunday. A reader is expected to have prepared the reading beforehand, with prayer, reflection, and practice, thereby understanding what is about to be read out loud to fellow parishioners. It is always important to read with both feeling and reverence, and to read very clearly and slowly with aid of the microphone, so that the ‘Word of God’ can be heard and understood. Before joining the team of readers at St Anselm’, you must undertake a training workshop. These workshops are held bi-annually to which all current and those interested in joining the team are expected to attend. Commissioning and Renewal of Commitment is held on the Second Sunday of Advent for all the readers. To attend a formation afternoon or if you are interested in becoming one of the team please contact the parish office.

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