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September 2024

Dear Parent or Carer


If you are applying to a Catholic Sixth Form or Secondary School and would like a reference from Canon William, please contact Martine in the parish office 020 8672 2179 from the 12th September on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday only between 11.30am – 2.30pm when details of how we will be arranging the process will be explained to you.  Please only contact the parish office for school references during the above days and times.


The paperwork you will be asked to provide includes:


  • The original completed school supplementary application form(s)


  • Photocopy of baptismal certificate if baptised in another parish. (If baptism took place at St Anselm’s Church, please request a copy to be prepared when contacting the parish office).


  • A family photograph.


The closing date for all requests for Sixth Form & Secondary School references from Canon William will be FRIDAY 20th OCTOBER 2023


Nursery and Primary School Reference - Reception 2024 


Dear Parent or Carer,


Information for parents wishing to apply to St Anselm’s RC Primary School for a school place in Reception September 2024 – for children born between 1st September 2019 to 31st August 2020.


Full details of the process for applying to a Catholic Nursery or Primary School will be made available in mid-October through the parish newsletter, noticeboards, and website.


Prospective Parents’ Open Day at St Anselm’s Primary School will take place on Wednesday 8th November at 1.45pm in St Anselm’s Primary School, Louisville Road entrance led by Miss Hattie Elwes, Headteacher. 

Full details can be found on the school website:


Please check the parish newsletter or website ( from mid-October when the process for requesting a reference from Canon William Hebborn, Parish Priest will be explained.



Canon Dr William Hebborn

Parish Priest

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