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Guild of St Stephen (Altar Servers)

Ever thought of deepening your faith?
Do you want to do something different to help the parish? Do you like working in a team? Well, may be becoming an altar server is the thing for you! We have a long tradition of encouraging people to help and serve on the altar, assisting the priests and other clergy of the parish at Mass and other liturgical celebrations. Becoming an altar server is a wonderful way to deepen your faith, involve yourself in the life of the parish and become part of the team. Those who serve are committed to helping people to pray and ensure that our liturgical celebrations are carried out efficiently, giving praise and honour to God. We welcome all people of all ages, but before you start serving you will be asked to complete a basic training course. Altar servers work with candles and other sometimes heavy and sharp objects and this means health and safety is a priority and so the training helps ensure you are happy and safe as you about your takes on the altar. Further training and experience on the altar conclude with the award of the bronze-colour Guild of St Stephen Medal. In charge of altar servers is our Master of Ceremonies, John Pontifex, who works closely with the parish priest, Canon William Hebborn and the parish administrator, Martine Mercer. Each altar server is allotted a regular Saturday evening or Sunday Mass at which they will serve. We do encourage our servers to serve every week. Christmas and Easter are our busy times as are occasions with the Archbishop, Bishop visit to preside at special celebrations during the year.

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