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Healing & Anointing Masses

St Anselm’s Parish has through the prayers of its Priests had a long tradition of a Healing Ministry. The Healing Services are held twice a year have been part of Parish life for decades. As well as regular opportunities for individual personal prayer and confession, two important opportunities exist for healing in a spiritual way. The healing ministry of the church allows for the priest of the parish to pray and lay hands on the person to be anointed. This powerful ministry is one of the seven great sacraments of the church and allows for the power of Jesus to be present in the anointing and the prayer. The Healing Mass is not just about physical illness or disability; it is about wholeness and is a deeply spiritual experience. During the Mass the suffering of Jesus himself and his oneness with us is acknowledged and the pain and suffering of those present is honoured with the church at the centre of what the church does; the whole universal church in focusing and honouring each participant in affirming and praying with them. Following the Mass fellowship is provided over tea, sandwiches, and homemade cakes. Transport can be arranged for the housebound if prior notice is given.
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