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St Vincent de Paul (SVP) Southwark Central Council

You may well be thinking ‘Oh – SVP – they visit older people; that isn’t for me.’ Indeed, the SVP do visit older people in their own homes, nursing, and residential care homes, but we do much more and different work too. The SVP members help people from all walks of life, all circumstances, any faith, or none, which follows the teachings of Christ “you must love one another as I have loved you.” (John 13: 34). Can imagine how dignity is restored to a person placed in approved premises when he/she is treated with care and non-judgementally? Can you imagine the relief shown on the face of a seeker or sanctuary when a friendly face offers to help and befriend them? Can you imagine the joy of a young person they can continue in education/training to enable them to find employment and support their family? St Anselm’s Conference offer practical help, friendship, home, and hospital visits, including Trinity Hospice and financial support. What are our values? Christ, compassionate, respect, confidentially, responsive, accountability and generosity. The society offers help to people in need and this can go on for a long time with families. Overseas support – Twinned. It is the SVP policy to support conferences overseas that in need of help. This is called Twinned. St Anselm’s is twinned with three conferences in India supporting education, agriculture, and self-help for projects for widows. The SVP members in Sudan and South Sudan are sent help towards the Sudan baby appeal through this International Twinned scheme. Membership is open to everyone and there are two types, full and auxillary. For further information please contact the parish office.
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