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Covenant with the Poor

In keeping with caring for our less fortunate brothers and sisters, our parish supports the following: Wandsworth Prison. There are between 340-360 Catholic inmates at any one time. On the first Thursday of the month there is a midday Mass, and the priest is available to hear confession afterwards. Throughout the year reading material (books) are collected and sent from the parish and at Christmas time rosaries, diaries, and calendars are donated by the parishioners for the inmates. The Manna Society (Objects & Purpose) To relieve the poor persons who are homeless and or unemployed by the provision of food, shelter and other forms of Christian care with the object of promoting the physical, mental and spiritual welfare of such person and of improving their conditions of life. Our vision is the creation of a just society that respects the dignity of every individual; it is a place of unconditional acceptance, our task as we see it is not to judge, but to love. The parishioners respond to this compassionate and practical effort by donating food, toiletries, and clothing once a year as well as unwanted household items throughout the year. Every day (7 days a week) approximately 200 people use this service 200 free lunches. Over 100 use the toilet facilities. Over 40 have a shower and many use the clothing store twice a week, 70% of the service users are homeless. Spires Working locally with homeless and disadvantaged people. Our parish and the Society of Vincent de Paul make monthly donations of food and clothing and supply Vinnie Packs each winter (these include a woolly hat, gloves, toiletries). Occasionally there are requests for financial assistance, and this has been met by the SVP.
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