Confirmation 2021

Session Six: Friendship with Jesus - Prayer

Session Material

Below you you find all the resources you should need for Session Six of the Confirmation programme. Parents, please begin by reading the 'Parents' Guide', and then go through the material with your child. At a certain point, you will be asked to spend ten minutes of prayer with your child. The parents' guide this week will help you to do this.

As you go through the material, Candidates should fill in their answers on the Confirmand worksheet, which is much simpler, this week, but which is more focussed on preparing for the small groups. Once completed, this document should be saved and emailed to by Monday 8th February. Please, again, include '[Confirmand's Name] Session One Confirmation Worksheet' in the subject of the email. 

Parents are invited to give 'Parent's Feedback', which sent to I would be particularly interested to hear how the prayer exercise went, and also feedback from anyone who checked out A Practical Introduction to Intimate Prayer.


Any problems, please email or phone and speak to Fr. Peter on (020) 8672 2179.





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