Confirmation 2021

Session Five: Sin & Reconciliation

Session Material

As usual, please find this week's materials below, this week about 'Sin and Reconciliation'. Parents - please read the parents' guide, before helping you children go through the material. Try to fill in any misunderstandings and then, please do help them with filling in their worksheets as you go. It will be useful to discuss their answers with them, to deepen the conversation between you.

Confirmand work should be emailed to by Monday 1st February. If you would like to offer any feedback, feel free to contact me at

It had been our intention to organize reconciliation services for parents + Confirmandi. This will now be impossible because of Covid-19 restrictions. They will now need to be scheduled nearer the time of the Confirmation. However, Confessions are always available on request, and if you and your child would like to avail yourselves of this Sacrament of Mercy, please do not hesitate to contact me, or to contact the parish, and a priest will certainly be available to hear your Confession.

Confirmand Worksheet





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