Parish Repository

Parish shop in the Courtyard

Parish shop The Parish Shop or Repository is a resting place for Christian items that are for sale. Our Parish Shop has been in existence in its present site since 2005 and before then was at the rear of the church for as long as anyone can remember.

The shop is open on Sundays through the year from 8.45am to 12.30pm and on Saturdays during December to satisfy the seasonal need for Christmas gifts.

It is situated in the new courtyard area at the rear of the church. It is manned by a team of volunteers and receives items for sale as part of its mission.

All profits are recycled into items of a religious nature that help parishioners celebrate the main feasts of the Church's Year and Sacrament preparation, Baptism, 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation. It also serves as an outlet for Traidcraft goods in the parish.

Parish shop
It forms a hub of activity in the courtyard on a Sunday morning and is a must stop destination for many items of piety and donated and pre-used goods. We also aim to celebrate the liturgical season in our window displays acknowledging the changing pattern of the liturgy and sacramental year. Easter and Christmas gifts are an important part of our stock from devotional crosses from Salvador to Christmas cribs to honour the coming of the Lord.

The sacramental seasons are celebrated, Baptism First. Holy Communion gifts are on display and for sale, as well as traditional items such as statues, rosaries, scapulars, mass cards for all occasions and religious pictures for devotional use.
Parish shop

We also carry a range of Traidcraft goods and all profits from the shop support Parish charities. It is manned by volunteers who are part of a rota system. It is a place where you can find that special gift or item. Please pop in and be pleasantly surprised.

St Anselm's Parish Shop celebrates ten years trading this October. The shop continues the tradition started by the Cullen sisters of offering items of religious piety for sale for home use and to make available celebratory cards and Mass intention cards. The current location of the shop was to made possible by the introduction of the access for disability and wheelchair use.

The shop itself is a tantalising little 'shop of surprises', as well as items of religious and votive use, it also carries a range of cards, gifts, antique and precious items that can be gifted. Many of them are pre-loved and come from our parishioners who see it as a way of 'up-cycling' old and precious items that can be relocated. A particular favourite is used and much loved items of religious nature that satisfy the modern taste for quality and honesty.

Please do come along and be assured of a warm and special welcome. You would like to volunteer to be part of our rich store of helpers speak to the Parish Office. All profits go directly into the parish for charitable use.