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Coffee Morning - First Friday of the Month

The Friday Coffee Morning

All welcome to pop into the lower new hall 9am-12noon. Come and enjoy a cup of tea, coffee and delicious homemade cakes, scones and biscuits and enjoy a chat and make new friends.

The Friday Coffee Morning has been running for almost 10 years and takes place on the first Friday of the month in the Lower New Hall from 9am - 12pm. It is open to everyone including non-parishioners and the hall has disabled access. Coffee morning is popular with all age groups and provides an opportunity to meet existing friends and get to know new people in the parish. The team of volunteers provide tea, coffee and home made cakes and are keen to welcome new visitors and introduce them to others.

The Coffee Mornings are held each month except August.

For more information or to volunteer as a helper,
please contact the Parish Office: 020 8672 2179.

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Flowers at St Anselm's

The arrangement of flowers in church to the glory of God is an inspiration to worshippers, a social activity and an outlet for artistry. Every week arrangers across the world celebrate their faith through flowers.

Here at St Anselm's it is no different.

At present we are a small yet dedicated group of ladies who work on a rotation to ensure that our church looks welcoming, beautiful and prayerful with the arrangements of flowers. The rotation works in such a way that one of us will arrange the flowers for two consecutive weekends every 6-8 weeks. That person buys the flowers and creates their own designs for the high altar as well as tidying and maintaining the vases of flowers on the two side altars and around the church.

At Christmas, Easter, the Sacrament of First Holy Communion and other ceremonies throughout the year we come together as a group to prepare the church for these great celebrations.

We are always looking for new members of our group. You do not need to be a florist, just have a love of flowers and the knowledge that it is a very rewarding activity within the parish community. Men and women of any age most welcome

If interested please contact the Parish office (020 8672 2179).

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Friendship Club

Companionship for people in the parish, mainly retired who would like to appreciate company of others in similar circumstances.

We meet weekly and engage in social interchange and support (Activities include: Cards, Bingo, Beetle and Quizzes). The afternoon concludes with tea before we close with a short prayer.

Once a month we meet with the local Methodist Group and we have other opportunities to join in with the First Friday Coffee Morning, Second Friday of the Month Soup and Sandwich Club and twice a year attend the Mass of Healing and Anointing which is followed by tea and fellowship.

Many of the group also partake in parish social events, such as our recent outing to Arundel Cathedral and Arundel Castle and a considerable number of the group join in parish pilgrimages to Knock, Rome, Lourdes and the Holy Land.

For more information please contact the Parish Office 020 8672 2179.

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Men's Group

Discussions, social events and friendship for the men of the parish

The men's group meet each month from September to July. Our meetings are a mixture of discussions, sometimes on a spiritual theme and social events. New members are always welcome to come and meet other men from the parish, share a drink and a discussion and end the evening with night prayer.

Christmas Pudding Night


  • Rum or Brandy Sauce: (For 4-6 people)
  • 2oz/50g butter
  • 2oz/50g plain flour
  • 15 fl oz/425 ml milk
  • 2ox/50g caster sugar
  • 2-3 tablespoons of rum or brandy
Method: Slowly melt the butter in a small saucepan. Now work the flour into the melted butter, using a wooden spoon, until the mixture is fairly smooth. Gradually add the milk and stir well after each addition to keep mixture free from lumps.

When all the milk is added and you have a smooth creamy sauce, stir in the sugar and let it cook over a very low heat for 10 minutes, stirring it slowly all the time to prevent from sticking. Add the rum or brandy, and taste to check if more rum is needed before serving with your Christmas pudding.

To Steam: Place pudding in large saucepan and fill up with water to just over halfway below the rim of the pudding bowl. Do not boil, but simmer gently. Place fresh water in the pan as the pudding steams.

Quick tip: Place old saucer under pudding basin (upside down) to protect against burning if water steams dry. Do not place pudding in microwave to cook because of the sixpences!

To gain the best results you should 'feed' your pudding with brandy (another glassful) after the initial steaming, at least once before you wish to use it. You can also try any of the seasonal toppings that you may wish to put on: brandy butter, rum sauce or cream and please don't forget to warn your guests of the sixpences.

Tom Gately On behalf of the Pudding Club Society

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Parish Shop in the Courtyard

The Parish Shop or Repository is a resting place for Christian items that are for sale. Our Parish Shop has been in existence in its present site since 2005 and before then was at the rear of the church for as long as anyone can remember. It forms on a Sunday morning a hub of activity in the courtyard and is a must stop destination for many items of piety and donated and pre-used goods. We also aim to celebrate the liturgical season in our window displays acknowledging the changing pattern of the liturgy and sacramental year. Easter and Christmas gifts are an important part of our stock from devotional crosses from Salvador to Christmas cribs to honour the coming of the Lord.

The Parish Shop is open on Sundays during the year (except August) to sell items of a religious nature and give parishioners an opportunity to purchase other recycled items of a decorative nature.

It is situated in the new courtyard area at the rear of the church. It is manned by a team of volunteers and receives items for sale as part of its mission. All profits are recycled into items of a religious nature that help parishioners celebrate the main feasts of the Church's Year and Sacrament preparation, Baptism, 1st Holy Communion and Confirmation. It also serves as an outlet for Traidcraft goods in the parish.

The sacramental seasons are celebrated, Baptism First Holy Communion gifts are on display and for sale, as well as traditional items such as statues, rosaries, scapulars, mass cards for all occasions and religious pictures for devotional use. We also carry a range of Traidcraft goods and all profits from the shop support Parish charities. It is manned by volunteers who are part of a rota system. It is a place where you can find that special gift or item and is open on Sunday 8.45am - 12.30pm. Please pop in and be pleasantly surprised.

St Anselm's Parish Shop celebrates ten years trading this October. The shop continues the tradition started by the Cullen sisters of offering items of religious piety for sale for home use and to make available celebratory cards and Mass intention cards. The current location of the shop was to made possible by the introduction of the access for disability and wheelchair use.

The shop itself is a tantalising little 'shop of surprises', as well as items of religious and votive use, it also carries a range of cards, gifts, antique and precious items that can be gifted. Many of them are pre-loved and come from our parishioners who see it as a way of 'up-cycling' old and precious items that can be relocated. A particular favourite is used and much loved items of religious nature that satisfy the modern taste for quality and honesty. The shop is open on Sundays through the year from 8.45am to 12.30pm and on Saturdays during December to satisfy the seasonal need for Christmas gifts. Please do come along and be assured of a warm and special welcome. You would like to volunteer to be part of our rich store of helpers speak to the Parish Office. All profits go directly into the parish for charitable use.

Members of the St Anselm Shop team meet the Mayor of Wandsworth at the Furzedown Christmas market on Saturday 17th December. The St Anselm shop was transported for the day to a stall at this fun event.

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Senior Citizens Christmas Party

Each year the children of Year 6 at St Anselm's School request the company of all Senior Citizens within the parish and community to their Annual Senior Citizens' Christmas Party at St Anselm's School Hall (entrance in Louisville Rd) . There will be entertainment, bingo and Irish dancing and refreshments.

Booking forms will be available at the rear of the church/parish office from middle of November with all the details. Parish Office: 020 8672 2179.

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Social Events Committee

The Parish SEC support and provide events in the parish throughout the year of a social nature. In doing so they provide an inclusive opportunity for all members of the parish to be involved in social interaction.

Over the years the following events have taken place: Biannual Parish Ball, Auctions, Quiz Nights, Barn & Salsa Nights, a Jubilee Supper. Annually the committee supports the Parish Christmas Fayre. Monies raised through these events provide much needed funds for the parish financial structure.

The committee are also called upon to support parish sacramental programmes including providing for the Blessed Sacrament Procession tea, Healing & Anointing Mass tea.

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Senior Soup and Sandwich

The Soup and Sandwich Club welcomes the senior members of our parish on the second Friday of every month, post morning Mass, in the lower new hall from 10.30am-12.30pm.

We provide a welcoming and friendly place to come and socialise with other parishioners and enjoy a good, hearty homemade lunch. The parish priests often come along and join us to better get to know our members too.

Run entirely by women volunteers from the parish who produce all the homemade food - the club offers soups, savoury dishes, sandwich selections and a variety of delicious freshly baked cakes.

Special events include our annual Christmas Party, when the room is decorated, the foods are themed, raffles are held and prizes are won.

You can find our posters on the parish notice boards, as well as in the bulletin, with details of the upcoming Senior Soup & Sandwich Club for the 2 weeks leading up to the event.

We look forward to welcoming you at our next lunch.

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The St Anselm's Walking Group

We meet every Thursday morning at the park bench near the tennis courts on Tooting Bec Common at 11 am.

When we have assembled and reported all present and correct, we set off. We go at leisurely pace and proceed to walk on two alternative routes we have established around the Common. One is a longer route the other is shorter which we take when, for any reason, we have to make a little haste.

The distance is not challenging and amounts to roughly 30 minutes walking from start to finish. The end is significant because we find a table at the San Remo Cafeteria and generally sit outside to have coffee and more conversation. Indeed the chat we have is as important as the walk. The conversation seldom reaches great philosophical or academic heights but it is enjoyed by all especially now that we have all bonded with each other. The results are usually interesting. It leaves us all looking forward to the next Thursday.

But there are psychological things that underpin our activity. In a world growing in speed, complications and technology, it is an escape into simplicity. In a way it is a return to medieval times where you had only your feet, where peopled walked distances and life was simple. Plodding along at a comfortable pace with no deadline, but with pleasant small-talk, is very restful and can charge your batteries.

It is a wonderful Common and our short journey is a visual delight which takes place in wonderful fresh air. We walk on lush grass and among some gorgeous trees. The wildlife is ever a simple pleasure. In this life "if full of care" we do have time to stand and stare - and does us all good. To look at not much happening is a therapy in itself.

Our Group is continuing strong, with no fear of being taken over by Rupert Murdoch.

But don't take our word for it. Come and have the experience for yourself. We would be delighted to see you! KW

For more information please contact the Parish Office Tel: 020 8672 2179 or Rachel Arbuckle Tel: 07956 108888.

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Welcome Group / Refreshments on Sundays

The Welcome Group

The Welcome Group meets every Sunday morning after the 10.00am Mass. This Ministry has been running for over twenty years, having been formed out of a parish evaluation day in 1989.

Although its main aim is to welcome newcomers into the parish, it also offers an opportunity for parishioners to meet and get to know each other better as they chat over a cup of tea.

Contributions received are used to support social events in the parish. Volunteer helpers are always welcome.

Refreshments on Sundays

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Welcome-to-your-Parish 'Tour of the Church & Tea'

Twice a year in May & September we invite new and current parishioners to join us on a tour of our Church

Next stop: St Anselm's.

Assembly point in the Church at 2.15pm, followed by a tea-time treat in the new halls. This is the line at the heart of your Parish Community.

Destination: Fun, Friendship & Spiritual Fulfilment.

All welcome! Full details advertised in the parish newsletter and displayed on the notice boards.

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