Guidelines in Church


On arrival we ask you to have already completed one of our NHS Track & Trace slips – one slip person/family (these can be downloaded from the website in advance and we also have these available to pick up as you leave the church).  This helps to ensure you can be seated in good time for Mass and avoid delay at the door to take details.  The NHS Covid-19 Test & Trace App barcode is also available as you enter the church, but we do ask for you to provide your personal details on one of our slips too.
Our volunteer stewards are here to welcome and guide you in the church and ask you to kindly follow their instructions through the one-way system to where you will be seated. Please remain in this pew and do not move about the church until prompted. Our stewards are especially here to help us all as we prepare to receive holy communion and will prompt you when to move.  The central body of the church will move forward through the central aisle to receive Holy Communion and return to their pews via the side aisles.  We ask all parishioners seated in the side pews and Lady/Sacred Heart Chapels to remain seated until prompt to move; this is to avoid congestion and maintain social distancing as we all move throughout the church.  Everyone will be asked to move down the central aisle and return to their pews via the side aisles.
As you approach the priest/deacon/extraordinary minister of Holy Communion please lower/unloop your face covering, extend arms straight, hands flat, palms facing upwards to receive the Blessed Sacrament on your hand; please consume the host in front of the priest/deacon/extraordinary minister before replacing your face covering and moving away to return to your pew.  Holy communion is distributed in silence, there is no dialogue between the priest/deacon/extraordinary minister or the communicant.  If you wish to receive a blessing, please place your arms across your chest.
We thank you all for your understanding and patience as we adapt to the new normal in the church at this time.




Canon William Hebborn & Parish Team

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