COVID-19 Parish Support Network

Priestly Support

Canon William, Fr Peter, and Fr Mebrate are here to serve you in the parish. If there is anything you need whether it be spiritual or practical help, please get in touch with us.
Tel: 020 8672 2179. Email:


  • Daily public Mass at 9am Monday to Sunday (live-streamed) so you can participate at home

  • Saturday 6.15pm Vigil Mass

  • Sunday, as well as 9am, 10.30am & 6.15pm

  • Confessions immediately following 9am and 6.15pm Masses on Saturdays or on request

  • Private prayer every day from 8.30am prior to 9am Mass or from 5.45pm

  • before the Saturday/Sunday 6.15pm Masses

Please do get in touch if you know of anyone wishing to speak or see a priest and we would be happy to arrange this. Please also let us know if anyone has been taken ill or has been admitted to hospital so that we can inform the Hospital Chaplain.

Home visits can be arranged, and communion brought to the sick and housebound
by contacting us at the parish.

In emergencies please telephone the parish 020 8672 2179 for a priest to visit.

Spiritual Welfare

We are constantly developing spiritual help through our many courses, prayer groups and resources and these will be uploaded onto our new website over the coming weeks. Hard copies of these courses, resources and prayers can be made available and dropped into you at home.

Community Practical Support

We have a large network of volunteer parishioners willing to help in so many ways. During this time many parishioners have been shielding, caring for a loved one or find themselves alone and afraid to go outside which in turn means they can be without essentials so we can help you with shopping, post office runs, collecting of prescriptions, a friendly telephone call or even walking the dog!

Please contact the parish office on 020 8672 2179 or E: and we will be able to support you.

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