Confirmation 2021

Session One: Made for God

Session Material

God asks us to approach Him through Faith,

and there are good reasons to have faith in Him.

Below you you find all the resources you should need for Session One of the Confirmation programme. Parents, please begin by reading the 'Parent's Guide', and then helping your child to download the 'Session Material' and the 'Confirmand Worksheet'. It would be helpful if you were able to do this on two different devices. The material is in the form of a Powerpoint or Keynote Presentation. The worksheet is a 'fillable' PDF. It should be downloaded and saved as '[Confirmand's Name] Session One Confirmation Worksheet'. 

As you go through the material, Candidates should fill in their answers on the PDF. Once completed, this document should be saved and emailed to by Monday 4th January. Please, again, include '[Confirmand's Name] Session One Confirmation Worksheet' in the subject of the email. 

Parents should then fill in the 'Parent's Feedback', which should be saved and sent to Any problems, please email or phone and speak to Fr. Peter on (020) 8672 2179.

Confirmand Worksheet





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