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Do you have a child starting Year 8 or 9 this September? If so, they might wish to take part in the Confirmation programme for 2022, which is aimed primarily at Years 8 & 9 (we do accept young people from Year 10 as well). Please download the application form and information sheet BELOW. Complete all sections and scan the form with a copy of baptismal certificate (only if he or she was not baptised at St Anselm's) by 8th October: tootingbec@rcaos.org.uk (Subject matter: Confirmation 2022). Full information of the 2022 programme will be  confirmed in mid-November.



Confirmation Programme 2022

Do you have a child who will be starting Year 8 or 9 this September? If so, they might wish to take part in the Confirmation programme for the coming year, which is aimed primarily at Years 8 and 9 (we do accept young people from Year 10 as well).


The sacrament of Confirmation is the last of the ‘sacraments of initiation’, completing and perfecting Baptism, and it empowers those who receive it to make a full commitment to a Christian life, publicly professing and defending the faith. The rite of Confirmation is ordinarily performed by a Bishop, who anoints the candidate on the forehead with the oil of chrism, saying ‘be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit’. The gesture of laying on of the hand is a sign of being set apart, to take on a task of self-sacrifice, and of witness to Christ. The anointing with oil is a sign of being united with Christ, the anointed one, and of taking on his triple office as a prophet, priest and king. Those who are Confirmed receive the seal of the Holy Spirit, and the gifts of the Spirit – wisdom, understanding, right judgement, courage, knowledge, reverence, fear of the Lord. The candidate, becoming a full member of the Church, is expected to live the faith, defend it, share it with others.


We would warmly encourage your son or daughter to take part in the Confirmation programme, which will prepare them to receive the sacrament. Our aim, in the St Anselm’s Confirmation programme, to give the young people who take part the intellectual and spiritual resources they need to make a personal choice to be Confirmed. We cover a series of topics, concerned with the sacraments, and with various aspects of the Christian life, relevant to Confirmation, and we encourage the young people to discuss everything, to think about everything, to ask questions: we want them to feel comfortable and secure enough to be able to say what is on their mind, to ask the questions they want to ask; and we try to ensure that in every session the young people have opportunities to discuss things in small groups. After an induction in late autumn, the sessions take place weekly, from January to May (except for school holiday periods). We are conscious that the young people are often leading busy lives, and we try, in these sessions, to give them an opportunity to take a little time out, to stop and to reflect on their lives, and their faith.


If your son or daughter would like to take part, please let us know by Friday 8th October by completing the attached application and GDPR forms (all sections) and emailing a scan of it, together with a scan of the baptismal certificate of your son or daughter (if he or she was not  baptised at St Anselm’s) to: tootingbec@rcaos.org.uk (Subject matter: Confirmation 2022). Alternatively, download both forms, complete and return the hard copies to the parish office at 9 Tooting Bec Road marked Confirmation 2022.

Full information and schedule of the 2022 programme will be confirmed in November.

We do hope that your son or daughter will want to participate in the programme and look forward to welcoming them in the autumn.


All best wishes

Canon William, Fr Arbogast, Fr Louie & Confirmation Catechetical Team